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Guangzhou eyes cross-border wealth management center


Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, is striving to build a center of wealth and asset management that features a close linkage with international markets, an official said on Friday.


Explainer: Whys and whats of China's unified domestic market


China has released a guideline to accelerate the establishment of a unified domestic market amid efforts to build a high-standard market system and promote high-quality development.


Guangzhou Daily: Huangpu bonded zone operates 1st bonded warehouse for domestic vehicles


The first batch of China-made vehicles entered a bonded warehouse in Huangpu Comprehensive Bonded Zone and will later be exported to countries alongside the Belt and Road such as Iraq and Jordan by sea.


China Daily: EHang seeks to be 1st to land air taxis in China


EHang Holdings Ltd, a leading technology company in autonomous aerial vehicles, or AAVs, is beefing up efforts to promote the commercial operations of passenger-carrying autonomous air taxis and expand its footprint in the global urban air mobility industry.


China Daily: Guangzhou outbreak has clear, controllable transmission chain, officials say


The transmission chain in the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in Guangzhou, Guangdong province has by far been clear and the outbreak remains controllable.


China Environment News: Huangpu lauds fruitful results in ecological protection


Guangzhou's Huangpu district has achieved eye-catching results in ecological environment protection and the air quality continues to improve, China Environment News reported on March 9.


Knowledge city regulations reassure investors, researchers and top talents


Newly released regulations on the development of the China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City will provide a strong legal guarantee for the local market.


Guangzhou Daily: Huangpu excels in medical product supervision


The biomedical service division of the Huangpu market supervision bureau was recently recognized as an advanced collective of national medical products supervision system.

People's Daily: Huangpu strengthens government plan, budget review


The Huangpu district people's congress has seen major improvements in the review of the government's draft budget and plans for national economic and social development since 2017 to take practical measures in the interest of local residents.


Yangcheng Evening Post: High-tech zones discussed at seminar


A seminar was held in Guangzhou's Huangpu district on Dec 16 to discuss the development strategies of national high-tech industrial development zones.

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