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Guangzhou Daily: Huangpu bonded zone operates 1st bonded warehouse for domestic vehicles

Updated : 2022-04-28


Customs officers inspect vehicles in Huangpu Comprehensive Bonded Zone. [Photo by Liao Xueming and Cai Jiabin/Guangzhou Daily]

The first batch of China-made vehicles entered a bonded warehouse in Huangpu Comprehensive Bonded Zone and will later be exported to countries alongside the Belt and Road such as Iraq and Jordan by sea, Guangzhou Daily reported on April 26.

The transaction involves 1,403 GAC Trumpchi SUVs with a total value of $30.62 million. Chen Ying of Suidong Customs noted that vehicles for export can be regarded as already been exported when entering the bonded zone, so that companies can handle export tax rebates before these vehicles actually leave the border. 

The bonded warehouse for exporting vehicles can also help solve problems for companies that need to export vehicles from a warehouse due to the tight shipment date. Vehicles first enter the bonded zone and then wait to be loaded on a cargo ship as the zone is close to Xinsha Port, providing a new and stable channel for exporting vehicles in the Guangdong-Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area.

Officers from Suidong Customs noted that a 24/7 reservation service is available for local companies conducting foreign trade business, and ro-ro ships have priority when docking and loading.

In addition, Huangpu Comprehensive Bonded Zone has started the first bonded warehouse project in Guangdong province for imported vehicles in March 2021 and has helped 2,797 imported brandname vehicles such as Subaru, Mercedes and Porsche, with a total value of 1.86 billion yuan ($283.62 million) as of March 31, 2022. 

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