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Guangzhou Development District streamlines regulatory processes


Guangzhou Development District in South China's Guangdong province has streamlined its services for the registration and completion of investment projects so that the process now takes no more than 34 days from beginning to end.

Bio industry incubation center tightens Guangzhou-Israel cooperation


The Guangzhou Sino-Israel Bio Industry Incubation Center was launched in Guangzhou International Bio Island on Aug 6, embracing its first two projects for incubation.

Guangzhou Development District to provide talent apartments


"CCB Jianrong Jiayuan", the first-of-its-kind cloud-sharing rental platform, was launched in Guangzhou on May 4, aiming to provide a comfortable rented living space and supportive financial services for local talents.

Students returning from US explore startup landscape in Huangpu


The promotional event held in Guangzhou’s Huangpu district and Guangzhou Development District on July 5 was the last stop of their China tour.

Upgraded bilateral project to play an important role in bay area


The Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City is getting bolder in its reforms and experimentation, following an official upgrade centering on its ambitions to be a world-class knowledge city, an outstanding source of innovation in the region and a global talent magnet.

World Intellectual Property Day celebrated in GDD


A special event marking the World Intellectual Property Day took place at Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City in Guangzhou on April 26.

Value innovation parks to upgrade, transform local economy


Guangzhou Development District has put its full support behind developing a new kind of industrial parks, called value innovation parks, to speed up the upgrading and transformation of the local economy.

TV manufacturer Skyworth to build innovation base in Huangpu district


Skyworth Group, the Shenzhen based Chinese TV manufacturer, has signed a cooperation agreement with Guangzhou's Huangpu district on Jan 8 to build a smart industry innovation base.

New charter school provides a boost for Guangzhou's tech hub


The Huangpu district government in the Guangdong provincial capital is expecting the Guangzhou branch of Granada Hills Charter School to play an important role in helping to promote its educational internationalization in the years ahead.

Guangzhou Development District: rising core area of international scientific and technological innovation hub


Located in eastern Guangzhou, Guangzhou Development District is seated in the heartland of Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao Golden Delta and the Pearl River Delta.

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