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Explore heritage custodian of Huangpu dragon boat artistry

Updated : 2024-06-06


Zhang Weichao and his crafting dragon head art work. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_ce3bb2268796]

Zhang Weichao is the inheritor of dragon boat carving from Xiasha village in Huangpu district, dedicated to preserving the art of crafting dragon heads.

In his creative studio, exquisite craftsmanship and delicate artistry combine seamlessly to showcase the vivid forms of dragon heads. Dragon boat culture has deeply ingrained itself in Zhang Weichao's veins, becoming an entrenched part of who he is.

The dragon boat is not just a sport but also a bond that connects communities, carrying profound sentiments between families and villages.

Zhang believes that dragon boat culture embodies a persistent pursuit of unity, progress, and heritage, remaining steadfast. He hopes to allow more young people to experience Huangpu dragon boat culture up close through the preservation of this craft, ensuring the survival of traditional culture.

AT the 2024 Boluo Birthday Festival, Zhang crafted the dragon head and tail of the "Fuxu Hao" dragon boat, representing the entire dragon boat culture of Huangpu. His works not only exhibit the charm and allure of dragon boats but also sustain the culture and spirit of Huangpu.

As a trailblazer in the preservation of dragon boat culture and craftsmanship, Zhang carries a fervent love for and dedication to dragon boat culture, shining brightly in the river of time.

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