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Huangpu global supply chain center improves logistics efficiency

Updated : 2024-06-04

The Huangpu Global Supply Chain Center has recently achieved enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness in logistics supply through the establishment of dedicated unloading docks, cargo handling areas, and warehouses. By integrating customs supervision into enterprise logistics operations, the center has successfully reduced both the time and costs associated with logistics.

Jabil Circuit Company's procurement of LCD screens and circuit boards from overseas involved the arrival of these goods at Hong Kong International Airport, their entry through the Shenzhen port, and their final arrival at the Huangpu Global Supply Chain Center's vehicle inspection site in the Guangzhou Development District for customs supervision.

This new model is projected to reduce logistics time by 50 percent, improve customs clearance speed, optimize logistics processes, minimize labor and storage costs, stabilize enterprise customs clearance expectations, and support market expansion.

The launch of this center is anticipated to establish an efficient supervision model, achieving full intelligent system supervision and full-chain data supervision. By reducing costs and expediting processes in the logistics supply chain, the center significantly improves speed, with labor costs amounting to only one-fifth of those incurred overseas and storage costs amounting to one-third of those incurred overseas.

The Huangpu Global Supply Chain Center aims to drive collaborative innovation across the industrial chain by providing "cross-border logistics + customs clearance services" as part of its one-stop supervision service.

The center intends to become an important logistics hub, a model innovation carrier, and a platform for system integration, supporting enterprises in the establishment of global supply chain centers.

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