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Introduction to Guangzhou Development District / Huangpu district

Updated : 2024-04-10

Guangzhou development district and Huangpu district have made remarkable strides in 2023, driving innovation and economic growth while enhancing the business environment and quality of life.

Economic progress and resilience

The district's GDP surpassed 400 billion yuan ($55.27 billion) in 2023, with a total investment of 90 billion yuan injected in the district in 2023. Guangzhou's Science City emerged as a top-tier innovation hub, achieving national recognition and ranking second among China's top 100 science and technology cities. The Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City and Guangzhou Maritime Silk Road City have demonstrated significant policy support and urban renovation efforts in 2023.

Reforms and investment attraction

A series of innovative reforms were introduced, establishing national-level import trade promotion zones and enhancing the business ecosystem. This led to over 400 signed projects with investments exceeding 350 billion yuan, reinforcing Guangzhou's appeal to domestic and international investors.

Improving livelihood and infrastructure

Urban infrastructure saw extensive improvements, with 171 new roads and three new subway lines completed, along with strategic development in healthcare and education facilities. These efforts have significantly enhanced residents' quality of life and urban attractiveness.

2024 Resolution

Looking ahead to 2024, Guangzhou's development district and Huangpu district are targeting a GDP growth of at least 5 percent, with increased investments in industrial and infrastructure projects. The focus remains on advancing innovation clusters, attracting investments, and strengthening scientific research and development capacities.

Guangzhou's development district and Huangpu district have laid a solid foundation for future growth, leveraging strategic partnerships and innovative approaches to navigate challenges. With a clear vision for 2024, the emphasis is on sustainable economic expansion, robust infrastructure development, and fostering a conducive environment for businesses and residents alike.

The district's success story underscores its commitment to high-quality development, exemplified by its resilience in the face of adversity and forward-looking strategies for continued prosperity.

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