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Huangpu accelerates development with key projects resuming work

Updated : 2024-02-27

With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, several key projects in Huangpu district, Guangzhou, have resumed work, presenting a busy construction scene and laying the foundation for high-quality development in the new year.

This month, three major transportation arteries - Kaifang Avenue, Linjiang Avenue, and Kezhi Avenue projects- have resumed orderly work, which is expected to significantly improve the regional traffic condition and promote rapid development in Huangpu.

Among them, the Kaifang Avenue project is anticipated to accelerate construction this year. The Linjiang Avenue project aims to complete about 57 percent of the work by the end of the year, while the Kezhi Avenue project is also pushing forward vigorously, aiming to connect the Guangzhou Science City with the China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, shortening the north-south travel time.

Moreover, projects such as the Yuekai Asset Management Tower have recommenced construction. These initiatives are poised to enhance regional functionality, drive industrial advancement, and introduce fresh economic growth drivers to Huangpu.

In 2024, Huangpu is poised to persist in advancing the construction of key projects, fostering the acceleration of regional development, and playing a pivotal role in Guangzhou's pursuit of high-quality growth.

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