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Second COVID booster available for eligible people


Seniors and people identified as being at higher risk from COVID-19 are now eligible for a second vaccine booster shot, according to a notice issued on Wednesday.


Guidance on home quarantine for COVID-infected people


This is the guidance on home quarantine for COVID-infected people.

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Guideline clarifies rules for homebound COVID-19 patients


Authorities on Thursday issued a guideline to help COVID-19 patients who exhibit mild symptoms such as fever and cough recover at home.

Things you should know about China's latest COVID-19 measures


These are the things you should know about China's latest COVID-19 measures.

Reminder: COVID-19 Control and Prevention Measures in Guangzhou


To enhance the effectiveness of COVID-19 control and prevention, we ask for the cooperation from residents and relevant entities to ensure the strict and rigorous implementation of the following COVID-19 control and prevention measures:


Huangpu's 1st tertiary women and children's hospital opens


On Sept 28, the Affiliated Women and Children's Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University was put into operation.

State Council calls for mutual recognition of PCR test results


The Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council has recently issued a notice calling for further efforts to promote the mutual recognition of nucleic acid test results across the nation, so as to facilitate the travel of people.

Real-name registration not required to buy 4 medicine types


According to a notice issued by Guangdong Medical Products Administation recently, residents do not need real-name registration any more to buy four categories of medicines, including antipyretics, antitussives, antivirals, and antibiotics both online and offline during regular epidemic prevention and control.

Latest COVID-19 disease prevention, control guideline explained


Health officials and experts responded to key concerns from the public about the ninth and latest COVID-19 disease prevention and control guideline released on June 28 during an interview on Saturday (June 16).

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