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Large-scale flying car manufacturing plant to establish base in Guangzhou

Updated : 2024-07-05

On July 4, Guangdong hosted a provincial conference on the high-quality development of the low-altitude economy, attracting over 300 experts, entrepreneurs, and government representatives.

During the event, Huangpu district signed an investment cooperation agreement with Xpeng Aeroht, marking the establishment of the world's first large-scale production factory for flying cars in Guangzhou.

Xpeng Aeroht, one of Asia's largest flying car companies, specializes in integrating smart automotive technology with modern aviation. The company is expected to set up a research and development center, an intelligent manufacturing facility, and a sales center for flying cars in Huangpu district. This center will be engaged in testing, production, sales, and operational activities, representing a significant investment in the flying car sector in Asia to date.


Xpeng Aeroht's split-type flying car. [Photo/WeChat account: gzhpfb]

Xpeng Aeroht's split-type flying car, known as the "land carrier", is currently in the testing and trial production phase and is expected to commence mass production delivery by 2026.

Furthermore, Huangpu has attracted other low-altitude economic enterprises, forming a comprehensive industrial ecosystem. The district has also undertaken low-altitude take-off and landing site planning, route planning, and established a low-altitude management service platform to enhance the infrastructure and operational services for the low-altitude industry.

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