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Innovative integration of rural tourism, experiential education in Huangpu

Updated : 2024-06-21

In Huangpu district, the combination of rural tourism and experiential education, blending agricultural experiences with artistic influences, has recently pioneered a new model of cultural and educational research.

Guangzhou Knowledge City Agricultural Development Group, in a collaborative effort with primary and secondary schools, has established an internationalized research and education camp. This camp, recognized as the "Huangpu Research and Educational Base for Primary and Secondary School Students", can accommodate over 500 people. The camp features various themed research and practical areas, including labor practices, water sports, outdoor activities, technology in agriculture teaching, traditional Chinese herb cultivation, and aerospace technology.


Water paddleboarding activity. [Photo/WeChat account: hpqshjscjh]

The tourist attraction of Jingxia village in Huangpu, which is a 3A-rated tourist attraction, introduces the "Farmer's Diary" outdoor research and educational tour. This tour focuses on providing hands-on agricultural experiences and scientific education. Children can engage in immersive modern agricultural experiences, learn about farming culture, and cultivate environmental awareness and a green lifestyle. For parent-child families, participating in these activities offers the joy of renting farmland and picking fruits and vegetables.


Modern farming experience scene. [Photo/WeChat account: hpqshjscjh]

The Guangzhou Knowledge City Agricultural Flower Studio serves as a hub for the research of intangible cultural heritage, with a specific focus on the rich tradition of Lingnan culture. The studio aims to advance flower planting techniques and to exhibit the intricate art of intangible pressed flowers. Visitors have the opportunity to appreciate an array of flowers, engage in meticulously designed research activities, and experience the unique charm of Lingnan culture and intangible heritage art.


Intangible cultural heritage pressed flower art. [Photo/WeChat account: hpqshjscjh]

These colorful cultural and tourism projects activate the cultural and tourism resources of Huangpu, forming a sustainable model for educational tourism development.

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