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Huangpu leads Guangzhou's enterprise incubators for 10 years

Updated : 2024-06-21

Recently, the results of the 2022 performance evaluation of national-level science and technology enterprise incubators were announced, highlighting Huangpu district's exceptional achievements.


Guangzhou Development District science and technology business incubator park. [Photo/WeChat account: guangzhougaoxinqu]

In Guangzhou, 18 incubators were recognized as excellent (Class A), with stalwarts like Guangzhou Huoju High-tech Service Center and Guangzhou South China New Materials Innovation Park Company maintaining their top positions in Class A for the 10th consecutive year. Additionally, 10 incubators received a good (Class B) rating, underscoring Huangpu's impressive 95 percent excellence rate for national-level incubators in the district.

Huangpu district has focused on cluster development of incubators in recent years, aiming to build a robust system for nurturing and developing technology enterprises.

This strategic shift prioritizes quality over quantity, reflecting in the district's establishment of over 100 science and technology enterprise incubators, including 27 at the national level—the highest in Guangdong province. These facilities collectively span more than 5 million square meters and accommodate over 5,000 incubated enterprises, fostering a conducive environment for innovation and enhancing the clustering effect of technology firms.

Huangpu consistently ranks first in both the scale and quality of various innovative entities in the city, with over 4,300 tech-based small and medium-sized enterprises and more than 2,800 high-tech enterprises registered, leading in quantity citywide.

In the future, Huangpu remains committed to expanding its portfolio of high-quality incubation facilities, fostering a greater number of outstanding technology innovation entities.

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