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Outstanding cases from Huangpu selected as excellent cases

Updated : 2024-06-18

Recently, two cases from Huangpu district in Guangdong province were selected as outstanding cases for promoting economic and social innovation in the 2023 national inspection and testing sector. Huangpu district has been selected for a total of five cases over the past two years, closely focusing on strategic emerging industries.

One of the exemplary cases is the China Research Automotive Technology Company, which has improved the performance of domestic robot precision reducers. This advancement has enhanced the transmission accuracy, precision lifespan, and impact lifespan of domestic products to globally advanced levels.

Another notable case is the China Southern Power Grid Science Research Institute Company, which has developed an intelligent equipment testing system. This innovation has addressed challenges in industrial standardization and scaled testing, leading to an increase in the reliability test pass rate for equipment entering the grid. This development effectively ensures the safe and stable operation of the power grid and reliable power supply.

As a manufacturing hub and industrial powerhouse, Huangpu boasts ample room for the development of the inspection and testing industry. The number of inspection and testing institutions in the district has grown from 45 in 2014 to 241 in 2024, covering various professional fields such as food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, environment, construction engineering, and electronics.

The clustering of high-quality enterprises has propelled the high-quality development of the inspection and testing industry in Huangpu, accelerating the establishment of the "Huangpu Inspection" brand and promoting the development of modern service industries.

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