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New Huanpu green walkway brings coolness to hot summer


From Maicun village in Guangzhou's Huangpu district, there is a new walkway directly leading to Heavenly Lake on Shiyading Mountain.


Summer flowers bloom in Huangpu


As midsummer arrives, flowers like lotuses, phoenix flowers, sunshine tree flowers, and bauhinias have entered their blooming season, creating picturesque views.


Green corridor surrounding Huangpu's Wenjian Lake


The green corridor surrounding Huangpu's Wenjian Lake has been upgraded. Let's take a look!

长岭公园 - 副本.jpg

Free parks worth visiting in Huangpu


A popular choice for people to enjoy the nice view of flowers is Entrepreneurship Park in Huangpu, where cherries grow in the spring and lotuses grow in the summer.

黄埔向日葵 - 副本.jpg

Enjoy pastoral life at Changling Modern Agricultural Park


At Changling Modern Agricultural Park, flowers with the colors of rice green, lychee red, sunflower yellow, eggplant, and melon purple complement each other to create a wonderful scene that attracted many visitors during this year's Dragon Boat Festival holiday, which fell from June 3 to 5.

黄埔公园 - 副本.jpg

Huangpu Xinyang East Mini Park


Huangpu Xinyang East Mini Park is a 14,000-square-meter park. The park contains little waterways and was constructed with the sponge city concept in mind. It still boasts huge trees and mountains.


Guangzhou-Hong Kong Helidrome


The Guangzhou-Hong Kong Helidrome in Huangpu district opened to the public on May 1, offering another choice for residents to enjoy their leisure time in the city, especially those with children.


Huangpu green belts


Huangpu district has now built several green belts, which have provided ideal places for cycling enthusiasts to go cycling.


Jingxia village


Jingxia village in Guangzhou's Huangpu district has transformed from a remote village into a renowned one through years of renovation and the village has been reputed as one of the Guangzhou Beautiful Villages.


Water Drop Garden


The newly built Shuidi Garden, or Water Drop Garden, is an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of nature and relive childhood memories of playing on paddle wheels.

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