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Huangpu island, winter paradise for birds


In Zhongshan Park on Changzhou Island, Huangpu, there is a small island in the center of the lake. The lush trees and beautiful natural environment attract many migratory birds to settle down for the winter.

Changling Modern Agricultural Park.png

Huangpu park provides authentic farming experience


Changling Modern Agricultural Park, with a total area of about 270 acres (18 hectares), is an "urban agricultural park" demonstration project on Changling Street in Huangpu district.


Huangpu district adds another 'pocket park'


Chunshuli Pocket Park, located next to the Chunshuli community on Yunpu Street, was recently completed and opened to the public.


Phoenix Lake area of CSGKC builds urban sponge system


​The "sponge city "concept uses rainwater as water for public green spaces, roads, and squares. As a pioneer and key area for sponge city construction, the Phoenix Lake area of China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (CSGKC) has built an urban sponge system.

A tourist enjoys the beautiful scen of the metasequoia..jpg

Red metasequoia shine brightly in Huangpu during winter


Recently, the metasequoia trees in Huangpu Entrepreneurship Park have turned bright red in color, attracting people to visit and see the trees for themselves.

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Huangpu town identified as rural tourism demonstration site in Guangzhou


Xinlong town, Huangpu District was recently listed as a 2022 Guangzhou Municipal Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration Town, and the Agricultural Ecological Park in Wheat Village was listed as a municipal agriculture and rural tourism demonstration site.


New Huanpu green walkway brings coolness to hot summer


From Maicun village in Guangzhou's Huangpu district, there is a new walkway directly leading to Heavenly Lake on Shiyading Mountain.


Summer flowers bloom in Huangpu


As midsummer arrives, flowers like lotuses, phoenix flowers, sunshine tree flowers, and bauhinias have entered their blooming season, creating picturesque views.


Green corridor surrounding Huangpu's Wenjian Lake


The green corridor surrounding Huangpu's Wenjian Lake has been upgraded. Let's take a look!

长岭公园 - 副本.jpg

Free parks worth visiting in Huangpu


A popular choice for people to enjoy the nice view of flowers is Entrepreneurship Park in Huangpu, where cherries grow in the spring and lotuses grow in the summer.

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