GDD's economy in 2019

A pioneer of high quality development in Guangzhou

Huangpu district, Guangzhou Development District (GDD) has made remarkable achievements in its high quality development in 2019, ranking first in Guangzhou in five economic indexes.

Chen Yong, head of Huangpu district, delivered the district government work report for 2019 during the eighth session of Huangpu's first people's congress on May 27.

1 GDP expands 8.6%


Huangpu has achieved a gross regional domestic product of 350.2 billion yuan ($49.11 billion) in 2019, with a year-on-year growth of 8.6 percent.

The growth rate was the highest among the previous six years since the establishment of GDD.

2 Industrial output value of enterprises above designated size rises 5.7%

Huangpu has seen steady growth in its industrial economy. 

The total value of the industrial enterprises above designated size amounted to 793.6 billion yuan, ranking first in Guangzhou.


3 Import and export volumes tops in Guangzhou


Huangpu has gained great momentum in developing foreign trade as the district boasted the highest import and export volumes in 2019 in Guangzhou, reaching 160.1 billion yuan and 128.5 billion yuan respectively.

4 Foreign investment in actual use increases 1.5%

The foreign investment in actual use for Huangpu district in 2019 increased by 1.5 percent to $2.28 billion.


5 Outstanding among China's development districts


The district has also ranked first among all development districts in China in seven factors, including gross regional domestic product and foreign investment in actual use.

6 Achievements in industrial development

GDD has initially formed a new industrial development pattern featuring cutting-edged industries, such as artificial intelligence, hydrogen, biomedicine, and nanotechnology.  

It has introduced a total of 164 quality projects, including those by AstraZeneca and Siemens, to the area, with an overall investment of 300 billion yuan. GDD was awarded the UN Investment Promotion Awards (IPAs) in 2019.


7 Gaining momentum in innovation


The district has won six State Science and Technology Awards last year, up 50 percent year-on-year.

A total of 21 China Patent Awards went to Huangpu in 2019, accounting for nearly half of the total number in Guangzhou, including one gold award.

8 Better business environment

Huangpu district has launched the first business environment reform bureau in Guangdong, making Guangzhou the pioneer in that regard among the four Chinese mega-cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.


9 Improving people's livelihoods


Huangpu was selected as one of the happiest cities at the county-level in China in 2019.

The urban environment has been greatly improved, as a total of 41 roads have finished renovations, 12 major roads have been built, Guangzhou Metro Line 21 has started operation, and the tram line 1 has started trial operation.

It has built five public primary schools and middle schools, creating more than 7,000 places for students. Eight kindergartens were also built in the district, expecting to benefit over 2,300 children.

10 Goals for a prosperous 2020

Huangpu will further improve its governing systems to inject more new impetuses to regional development, such as improving its business environment and boosting international cooperation.

It is expected that Huangpu will be built into a better home for local residents in various areas spanning integrated education development and ecological environment protection.

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