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Huangpu leads with innovative policies promoting silver economy

Updated : 2024-03-21

Huangpu district in Guangzhou has taken a pioneering step in fostering the silver economy with the introduction of the "10 measures for the silver economy" on March 14. These groundbreaking policies aim to revolutionize elderly care industries while prioritizing the well-being of senior citizens.

Tailored to address challenges in traditional elderly care sectors, the measures seamlessly integrate the development of smart healthcare, fostering the growth of high-quality products and services. 

The initiative targets the attraction of more than 1,000 silver economy enterprises over the next three years.

Key highlights of the measures include incentives like subsidies for listed products, substantial rewards for industrial projects, and support for award-winning innovations from the Guangzhou Smart Healthcare Equipment Innovation and Design Competition. The district is poised to become the industrial hub of the silver economy, offering attractive incentives to both enterprises and innovative design teams.

Moreover, the measures emphasize technological innovation and financial support, notably through the establishment of a 5-billion-yuan ($694.51-million) investment fund. It also encourages social capital engagement in constructing large-scale elderly care facilities.

As enterprises and institutions are incentivized with rewards, Huangpu district sets a precedent for proactive, inclusive, and forward-thinking approaches in nurturing the silver economy and cultivating sustainable development.

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