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GDD's innovative breakthroughs grab national headlines

Updated : 2024-02-26

The Guangzhou Development District (GDD) has recently captured the spotlight with a feature story on the front page of Economic Daily. 

The report highlights the district's successful inaugural flight of a low-altitude logistics route and significant technological projects. It showcases Guangdong province's breakthroughs and innovations in its pursuit of high-quality development.

GDD's success is a testament to its capability in technological innovation and its role in driving regional economic transformation and upgrading. This includes achieving quality reform, efficiency reform, and dynamic reform. Faced with challenges from the external environment, Guangdong has actively sought breakthroughs on the path to high-quality development.

The manufacturing sector and technological innovation in Guangdong province have been crucial in driving its economic growth. The province has received international recognition for its upgraded and innovative manufacturing industry, from rockets manufactured in Guangzhou's Nansha to the "Lucky Dragon" New Year's toy made in Dongguan.

Furthermore, the report notes significant progress in areas such as the low-altitude economy, the new energy vehicle industry, and the new energy storage industry, which have contributed to optimizing and upgrading the industrial structure. 

Through deepening reforms, not only has Guangdong province enhanced the innovative capacity and production efficiency of enterprises, but it has also sparked vitality in businesses by lowering costs and promoting digital transformation, thereby providing strong support for high-quality economic development.

These achievements and experiences in Guangdong serve as valuable references for other regions in China in their pursuit of high-quality development. Demonstrating strong momentum and vast potential in innovation and upgrading, Guangdong is on a robust journey toward high-quality development.

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