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Huangpu hosts Lantern Festival Carnival

Updated : 2024-02-23

From Feb 21 to 25, the Lantern Festival Carnival is running at the outdoor plaza of Joy City in Huangpu district, Guangzhou. 

The five-day event featured a variety of performances, including trendy bands, dance groups, Sichuan opera face-changing, and joyful clowns, alongside showcasing Chinese and international cuisine, Hanfu parades, and intangible cultural heritage creative products, creating a comprehensive consumer experience that integrates dining, accommodation, travel, shopping, and entertainment for citizens and tourists.

The carnival also offered featured an array of gifts and multiple raffle activities, including popular Pearl River night cruise tickets, exquisite Lantern Festival gifts, intricately woven flowers, lanterns, trendy toys, and food vouchers worth a total of 1 million yuan ($140,000). This allowed participants the opportunity to win a diverse range of surprise packages while enjoying a feast of culinary delights and cultural experiences.

Through these activities, Huangpu not only enriched the cultural lives of residents and visitors but also provided new momentum for regional economic development and the integration of cultural tourism.

The sing and dance performance..jpg

The sing and dance performance.

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