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Wenchong old village transformation boosts Guangzhou's heritage, industry

Updated : 2024-01-23

The Guangzhou municipal people's government recently approved the Wenchong east old village renovation project, located on the banks of the Pearl River in Huangpu district. The project aims to leverage regional development opportunities by building a technology platform to enhance industry quality.

The project is designed as a "Portside Vitality Street and Landscape Park City," focusing on creating a dynamic, shared, and innovative district. It aims to form an industrial development belt and become an innovation hub for Guangzhou's artificial intelligence and digital economy experimental zone.

Huangpu is committed to optimizing regional functional layouts and strengthening the construction of public service facilities, such as education, healthcare, and elderly care, to enhance the quality of life for residents. Additionally, the project strongly emphasizes the protection of historical and cultural heritage, aiming to preserve and carry forward the region's cultural legacy.

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