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Huangpu implements business environment reform measures

Updated : 2023-11-29

As the first experimental zone for business environment reform and innovation in Guangdong province, Guangzhou's Huangpu district has become a pioneer for business environment reforms. 

Recently, Huangpu revised and issued measures that aim to encourage enterprises to participate in business environment construction.

The measures consist of six chapters and 29 provisions that cover aspects such as government-business relations, the optimization of suggestions for the business environment, and the formulation of enterprise-related policies. 

To ensure smooth communication between the government and enterprises, online and offline channels will be opened by relevant departments. The measures also emphasize the need to broadly solicit opinions from market entities during the drafting of enterprise-related policies, which will ensure fairness and justice.

Furthermore, the measures include aspects of business environment supervision and evaluation incentives, allowing enterprises to report issues through various channels and providing incentives for those actively participating in the construction of the business environment.

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