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Huangpu bio-island's journey from historic islet to biotech powerhouse

Updated : 2023-10-08

Once known as "Guanzhou Island," Guangzhou International Bio Island in Huangpu has undergone centuries of transformation, evolving from a historic islet to today's cutting-edge biotech research and production center.

With a rich tapestry of modern architectural designs, the island exudes a serene yet lively charm. Since 2011, the island has welcomed over 500 enterprises, embracing a plethora of advanced global biotechnological research concepts. 

However, the island isn't solely reserved for research and development. It also boasts lush, recreational landscapes. In addition to what many locals call "Guangzhou's Most Beautiful Greenway," the island houses several parks for the public to relax and revel in.

The growth of the island not only reflects Guangzhou's progress but also exemplifies China's resilience and dynamism in its open economy. Looking forward, the island is poised to strengthen collaboration in the biopharmaceutical sector both domestically and internationally, aiming to drive breakthroughs that will further benefit the health and well-being of everyone.

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