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Macao chef debuts culinary fusion in Huangpu

Updated : 2023-09-08

Renowned Macao "Culinary Maestro" Ye Shengxin recently unveiled a gastronomic feast at the International Talent Reception Center in Guangzhou's Huangpu district. 

The banquet features a harmonious blend of Cantonese cuisine and Portuguese flavors, signifying a further deepening of cultural and culinary exchanges between Macao and Huangpu.

Seizing this opportunity, Ye showcased his unique blend of Eastern and Western cooking techniques. The renowned chef harbors ambitions to establish Huangpu as a new hub for promoting the culinary arts of Macao and Guangdong, envisioning it as a hotspot that will attract food enthusiasts to indulge in rich gastronomic experiences.

Aligning well with Ye's gourmet ambitions, Huangpu is committed to building a high-end and comprehensive talent service system. The International Talent Reception Center stands as a testament to this effort, offering a multifaceted platform where a wide range of professionals can network and spearhead collaborative projects. 

Currently, Huangpu is actively working towards becoming an influential "talent highland", thus it is promoting innovation and fostering growth opportunities for talents both from home and abroad. 

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