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Ancient meets modern at Xingfuli area

Updated : 2023-08-25

Located in the Huangpu district of Guangzhou, the Xingfuli area offers a seamless blend of over 800 years of historical charm and modern elegance. 

The place boasts traditional regional South Chinese Lingnan architecture, including ancestral halls and watchtowers, harmoniously coexisting with contemporary residences. Following a series of renovations, the area not only saw the restoration of its ancient structures but also welcomed modern leisure facilities.

Once a dim and overlooked corner of the city, the area has been transformed into a bustling hub of activity. The old watchtowers have been repurposed into lion dance exhibition halls, igniting the passion of the younger generation to preserve their cultural heritage. 

Additionally, leveraging augmented reality technologies from the metaverse, intangible cultural heritage exhibits provide visitors with immersive experiences.

In essence, the Xingfuli area stands as a testament to the confluence of the old and new, solidifying its place as Guangzhou's latest tourist hotspot.

The Xingfuli Area..png

People chill out in the Xingfuli area.

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