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Huangpu's Danshuikeng Scenic Area gains popularity in summer

Updated : 2023-08-15

Nestled in Guangzhou's Huangpu district, the Danshuikeng Scenic Area has become a favored destination for those seeking respite from the summer heat. 

The area is not only rich in lush landscapes and scenic trails but also preserves architectural designs with prominent Lingnan characteristics. 

Tree-lined paths, ancient temples, meandering mountain trails, and local fauna create a scene that seems as if it is straight from a painting. During the sweltering summer months, Danshuikeng turns into a popular spot for people seeking tranquility and a momentary escape from bustling city life.

Visitors can also marvel at the unique sculptures and carvings found throughout the park, ranging from graceful and elegant to simple yet robust. Whether seeking inspiration, relaxation, or a weekend getaway with friends, the Danshuikeng Scenic Area offers a refreshing experience.

A view of the Danshuikeng Scenic Area..jpg

A view of the Danshuikeng Scenic Area.

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