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German director praises Huangpu's biomedicine innovation

Updated : 2023-07-26

Daniel Frerichs, the investment promotion director of Germany's Heidelberg Offshore Innovation Center, located in Guangzhou's Huangpu district, recently praised Huangpu in an interview. 

Frerichs said that Huangpu is known in Germany and even throughout Europe as the starting point of the ancient Maritime Silk Road and a symbol of "opening up to the outside world."

He believes that Huangpu has the traits of being open, enterprising, and innovative, especially in the field of biomedicine. It has a complete research and development system and a valuable biopharmaceutical value chain, attracting many research institutions and industry giants. 

Frerichs also pointed out that the speed of project implementation in China is much faster than in Europe, and that Huangpu's speed is even faster. He and his team are working hard to attract innovative projects from Europe and connect them with local enterprises in Huangpu.

Guangzhou Interantional Bio Island..jpg

Guangzhou International Bio Island.

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