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Israeli CEO promotes Huangpu's biotech

Updated : 2023-07-20

Guangzhou Sino-Israel Biotech Investment Fund CEO Avner Lushi, from Israel, is often seen as a bridge between Guangzhou International Bio Island and Israeli companies. He recently expressed his deep affection for Guangzhou's Huangpu district.

Lushi's journey in China began at Guangzhou International Bio Island. He recalled that when he first set foot on the island, it was nothing more than barren land. Fast forward to today, the island has transformed into one of China's leading biotech industrial parks. This metamorphosis fills Lushi with pride and fuels his aspiration for future collaborations with Huangpu.

Huangpu, known for its prime geographical location, beautiful environment, and comprehensive facilities, has enjoyed unwavering governmental support, which is a factor of paramount importance according to Lushi. Guided by him, nearly 20 Israeli companies, two investment funds, and an incubation base have settled on the island.

Lushi believes that China and Israel, two ancient nations, share a wealth of common values, which in turn fosters a harmonious working environment. Lushi looks forward to bringing more innovations from Israeli to China, and especially to Huangpu, to accelerate the development of the island's biomedicine industry.

Backed by the Huangpu government, Lushi has successfully introduced a wave of Israeli enterprises and talents. This success story has sparked greater interest in the Israeli business community toward the Chinese market. Like the thriving olive trees in the bio-industry investment fund park, Lushi hopes that the future cooperation between Israel and Huangpu will flourish and endure.

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