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Huangpu upgrades business environment reform

Updated : 2023-06-30

Guangzhou's Huangpu district recently held a press conference to announce the release of an action plan that emphasizes high-quality industrial development in order to create a first-class business environment.

Since 2018, the district has launched five editions of its business environment reform plan, implementing nearly 500 reform measures. For four consecutive years, it has been ranked first in the convenient business environment category among all other national economic development zones, earning the reputation of being the "closest place to success" for businesses and talents.

This latest reform plan, which is centered around the theme of "serving industrial development" and shifts the focus from policy and government services to improving the district's industrial ecology. It proposes 30 key tasks and 141 specific reform measures, aiming to create an attractive development zone that has vitality, and vision.

One of the highlights of this reform is the integration of industrial development for high-quality outcomes. To foster a modern industrial system, the plan emphasizes the fusion of innovation, talents, data, funds, and policies.

Efforts will be made to enhance Huangpu's foundational support, including its land supply, fund allocation, and innovation chain construction. This will encourage innovation and entrepreneurship by market entities. Notably, the speed of project construction has significantly improved, exemplified by the expedited completion of projects such as the TCL CSOT (Guangzhou) project.

Furthermore, the plan is set to strengthen government service and open service supplies. Measures such as optimizing project coordination mechanisms, expediting approval processes, and facilitating investment and trade will also be implemented.

The reform focuses on grassroots exploration, with clear mandates for towns and development zones to address practical difficulties faced by enterprises, which will also promote high-quality industrial development.

Seizing the opportunity as a national pilot location for business environment innovation, Huangpu will deepen reform and innovation in Guangdong province's business environment. It will continuously introduce leading, integrated, and breakthrough reforms. Their goal is to create a region with a high-quality business environment that is favorable for enterprises, investments, and living.

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Huangpu district's press conference for business environment reform.

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