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Huangpu district releases '12 Measures' to boost high-quality financial growth

Updated : 2023-06-28

In a bid to reinforce the central role of fiscal policies in promoting high-quality development, Huangpu district recently launched a pioneering initiative known as the "12 Measures for High-quality Financial Development." 

This strategy includes strengthening fiscal revenue and expenditure coordination, optimizing the efficiency of funds, and refining service procedures.

This innovative strategy involves an enhanced budget constraint mechanism, the implementation of a 'dual-list' management system for fiscal and tax revenue projects, as well as the cultivation of key tax source enterprises. 

To ensure an optimal business environment and to better serve the district's high-quality economic development, a mandatory comprehensive review of existing expenditure quotas will be carried out. Moreover, budget items will be cross-audited to increase resource allocation and utilization efficiency.

A significant part of the strategy is the establishment of a multidimensional evaluation system for enterprise support policies. This system will aim to retrospectively review implementation effects and further enhance infrastructure investment management supervision. 

Furthermore, Huangpu is currently employing a "system plus technology" management mechanism to improve the collaborative management capabilities of its finance sector. Plans are set to fully integrate various forms of financial information to create a visualization display module. This will help with government decision-making on financial matters and will support financial management innovation.

Overall, these measures are set to provide powerful support for Huangpu's high-quality economic development, which signifies an important step forward in its ongoing financial reform journey.

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