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Huangpu upgrades public bathrooms in parks

Updated : 2023-06-25

Guangzhou's Huangpu district renovated the public bathrooms in several parks this year, as part of its three-year "bathroom revolution" plan, which includes upgrading both the appearance and the hardware of public bathroom facilities. 

The renovated public bathrooms are now equipped with barrier-free facilities, nursing rooms, and resting seats, as well as smart systems and emergency buttons. 

In terms of appearance, the renovated public bathrooms feature beautiful white walls and gray tiles that integrate well with the park environment. People appreciated these renovations and thought that the public bathrooms now look clean and tidy. 

Huangpu district designed and transformed the public bathrooms in various styles to fit the characteristics of each park, such as the public bathroom in Luogang Children's Park, which caters to children's tastes.

Luogang Children's Park hilltop public toilet..png

Luogang Children's Park hilltop public toilet.

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