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Huangpu's greenways become great weekend getaways

Updated : 2023-06-14

Guangzhou's Huangpu district has actively planned and constructed a series of beautiful greenways. Among them, the Jinkeng River Greenway and Pinggang River Greenway have become ideal cycling spots for citizens on weekends.

During the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) period, Huangpu plans to build 160 kilometers of greenways and has completed construction on 109.17 km so far. Huangpu's greenways stand out in Guangdong's greenway construction due to their excellent construction quality.

The Xinlong Greenway of the Jinkeng River is about 10 km long, starting from the Jinkeng Reservoir and ending at the Guangzhou Zengcheng-Zhongshan New District Economic Cooperation Zone. It is the main river channel for flood prevention and drainage in Xinlong town, while also providing natural scenery for citizens to enjoy. 

The Pinggang River Greenway encircles Yangtian village in Xinlong town. The rice paddies here are China's first wild rice resource protection point.

On weekends, citizens often go to the greenways to read, exercise, and relax. Greenways have become the first choice for citizens looking for a weekend of leisure. In the hot summer, citizens are reminded to take precautions against the sun when going out. They should carry umbrellas and sunscreen, and drink water frequently.

The Jinkeng Reservoir..png

The Jinkeng Reservoir.

The Jinkeng River Greenway..jpg

The Jinkeng River Greenway.

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