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Huangpu accelerates construction of renovation project

Updated : 2023-04-11

Approval of the adjusted implementation plan for the Liu village-Gegang old village renovation project marks the beginning of the project's comprehensive and accelerated construction phase.

This project, which covers an area of 248,300 square meters, with a total construction area of approximately 909,400 sq m, is the first old renovation project initiated by Yunpu Street in Huangpu district.

According to the project plan, an integrated school with 63 classrooms, two kindergartens with a total of 33 classrooms, as well as a youth center, cultural service center, and the library will be built to provide residents with high-quality education and comprehensive cultural services.

Currently, the signing and demolition rate of the project has reached 96 percent. Reconstruction is progressing rapidly, with a completed structural area of about 60,000 sq m. Some main buildings have already been built up to three floors above ground level. The structural topping-out of seven buildings is set to be completed before the end of this year, providing approximately 1,200 sets of relocated houses.

The project aims to provide better living conditions and more modern facilities for residents, while still preserving the historical and cultural heritage of the area. It is a significant step forward in Huangpu's efforts to create more livable communities for its residents.

Construction site of the project..jpg

Construction site of the project.

Rendering of the project..jpg

Rendering of the project.

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