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Biopharma sector booms in Guangzhou's Huangpu district

Updated : 2023-03-20

Guangzhou's Huangpu district recently hosted the 2023 Guangzhou biomedical industry high-quality development event, which gathered over 80 leaders and guests from universities, hospitals, research institutes, enterprises, and government departments to discuss the future of Guangzhou's biomedical industry.

In the past five years, Huangpu's biomedical industry has experienced significant growth, as its industrial production value has doubled and the number of enterprises in the district has tripled. To date, Huangpu houses over 453 high-tech companies and 19 listed firms.

During the event, representatives from various organizations, including BeiGene and Innocare, explored innovative cooperation opportunities in the biomedical industry. They also discussed ways to facilitate the industry's growth.

Huangpu has capitalized on its status as the first business environment reform and innovation experimental zone in Guangdong province and has continuously improved its business environment. Huangpu has ranked first among all national economic development zones in the country for three consecutive years. The district's "two cities, one island" high-end development platform, consisting of Guangzhou International Bio Island, Guangzhou Science City, and China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, forms a complete industrial ecosystem.

To further promote the high-quality development of its biomedical industry, Huangpu plans to implement a "six-in-one" work mechanism. This includes the creation of an encouraging policy guide, a science and finance integration mechanism, a shared website for biomedical enterprises, a dedicated working team, a policy-making consultation committee, and a public R&D service sharing platform.

With its focus on high-quality development and rapid growth, Huangpu is expected to become a world-class biopharmaceutical industry cluster.

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Guangzhou International Bio Island.

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