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Flowers bloom on Huangpu's Bio Island

Updated : 2023-02-27

The white wisteria..jpg

The white wisteria.

Bio Island, located in Huangpu district, has become an "ecological oasis", as a multitude of flowers and herbs have entered their blooming period. 

The flame-like vividness of hibiscus and the elegance and serenity of purple and white wisteria add a romantic touch to the green paradise. 

In addition, the island's small garden of cosmos has created a breathtaking view, as the spring breeze makes the pink, white, and purple flowers sway gracefully. 

The best time to appreciate these flowers is from February to March. As the temperature gradually warms, people can exercise or walk along the green corridor on Bio Island, where they can enjoy the beauty all around them.

The flame-like hibiscus..jpg

The flame-like hibiscus.

The cosmos..jpg

The cosmos.

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