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Huangpu park provides authentic farming experience

Updated : 2023-01-28

Changling Modern Agricultural Park.png

Changling Modern Agricultural Park.

Changling Modern Agricultural Park, with a total area of about 270 acres (18 hectares), is an "urban agricultural park" demonstration project on Changling Street in Huangpu district.

The park combines farming, leisure, and tourism to create a rural tourism complex that integrates modern agricultural gardening with recreation, sports, education, and other functions.

During the holiday, Changling Modern Agricultural Park created a themed chili maze as a fun challenge for visitors to enjoy.

In addition, there are 12 different pepper varieties and informative signs scattered around the maze for people to learn all kinds of interesting pepper facts.

There are several strawberry farms within the park, where people can go strawberry picking with their family and friends.

Visitors can also take the small train to enjoy the beautiful scenery, as well as leisurely enjoy the sea of Galsang flowers and rapeseed flowers in the park.

The park's agricultural sorting center offers juice, milk tea, fried chicken, egg tarts, sausages, and other foods for visitors to enjoy.

The chili maze..png

The entrance to the chili maze.

Strawberry picking..png

A visitor goes strawberry picking.

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