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Huangpu affordable housing project makes construction progress

Updated : 2023-01-13

The Luogang Affordable Housing project, the largest public rental property project under construction in South China, has recently entered the decorating stage, and it is expected to be completed and delivered by the end of 2023.

This is a key livelihood project in Guangzhou, located west of Shuixi Road in Huangpu district.

The construction of the project includes resettlement houses, public rental apartments, and price-controlled houses. The project also includes the construction of commercial centers, rehabilitation centers, kindergartens, and schools.

It aims to create a multi-functional community that integrates living, commercial, leisure, and entertainment aspects.

The public rental units include two types of apartments: the 58.9-square-meter two bedrooms apartments with one living room, and the 45.07-sqm one bedroom apartments that also include a living room.

The designs of the price-controlled houses are composed of three standardized modules: Types A, B, and C, with an area of 84.75 sqm, 71.06 sqm, and 71.10 sqm respectively.

After the completion of the project, it will provide thousands of affordable public rental properties for Guangzhou citizens.

A rendering of the Luogang Affordable Houses project..png

A rendering of the Luogang Affordable Houses project.

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