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Huangpu to give Innovative, entrepreneurial talents housing bonus

Updated : 2023-01-09

The (Guangzhou) Huangpu district entrepreneurship and innovation outstanding talent incentive has been launched, and talents can apply from Jan 3 to Feb 10.

Innovative and entrepreneurial talents in various industries and scientific research institutions in Huangpu district qualify for this program.

Talents that want to take advantage of this program need to ensure that their enterprise or research institution is registered and is in a tax management relationship in Huangpu district. The enterprise or research institution should also have an independent legal body as well as a comprehensive financial system.

Huangpu will focus on introducing high-level talents who innovate and start businesses in key industries such as new generation information technology, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, advanced manufacturing, modern service industry, modern shipping service, new materials, new energy, as well as green and low-carbon.

Outstanding talents in entrepreneurship and innovation who meet the relevant conditions may enjoy support policies by regulations.

According to the implementation measures, talents who settle in Huangpu district, Guangzhou Development District, and the Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone may receive up to 80 percent of the actual amount of a house purchased in the district.

Distinguished talents, outstanding talents, and elite talents who do not enjoy housing purchase subsidies will be given a bonus of 150,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan or 50,000 yuan respectively every year.

Talents who do not enjoy housing purchase subsidies or bonuses can apply for a 100 percent rent subsidy.

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