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Phoenix Lake area of CSGKC builds urban sponge system

Updated : 2023-01-03

The "sponge city" concept uses rainwater as water for public green spaces, roads, and squares. As a pioneer and key area for sponge city construction, the Phoenix Lake area of China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (CSGKC) has built an urban sponge system.

The Phoenix Lake area has formed a sponge demonstration area in line with the international "Zenith, Sustainable, Clean" water plan. The area has made in-depth plans, carried out a sustainable stormwater system design, and kept rivers and lakes clean and beautiful to achieve the goal of sponge city construction.

In this area, "large, medium, and small" sponges are systematically combined. Phoenix Lake and Liusha River are called "big sponges" to realize rainwater storage. The public green space landscape construction project has also become a "medium sponge". New projects continue to incorporate sponge elements, such as CSGKC Plaza, which is the source of "small sponge" projects.

Up to now, the rainwater collection and supporting facilities in the demonstration area can be found at the Knowledge Tower, China Telecom, CSGKC Plaza, and Phoenix Lake Park.


Phoenix Lake's sponge system.

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