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20 Huangpu enterprises lauded nationally for IPR advantages

Updated : 2022-10-18

A total of 20 enterprises in Huangpu district were recently selected as national intellectual property advantageous enterprises and demonstration enterprises in 2022.

Among them, seven enterprises were rated as national intellectual property demonstration enterprises, while 13 enterprises were rated as national intellectual property advantage enterprises, accounting for nearly 60 percent of the enterprises in Guangzhou that made the list.

In this selection, 34 enterprises in Guangzhou were shortlisted, of which 12 were designated intellectual property demonstration enterprises and 22 were designated intellectual property advantageous enterprises.

National intellectual property advantage and demonstration enterprises are the highest honors conferred by the State on enterprises with outstanding performance in the creation, application, protection, as well as management of IPR. They are important symbols of the strength of an enterprise's R&D and innovation, as well as intellectual property rights. The awarded enterprises are mainly backbone enterprises in the region and enterprises that are strong leaders in industrial development.

To date, Huangpu district and Guangzhou High-Tech Industrial Development Zone have cultivated a total of 17 national-level intellectual property demonstration enterprises, 84 advantageous enterprises, and 221 provincial-level intellectual property demonstration enterprises.

The district has been a leader in this field due to the protection of its enterprise intellectual property cultivation mechanism.

In recent years, Huangpu district has revised and published intellectual property policies, such as the Measures for Further Strengthening the Use and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, to support the whole chain of intellectual property creation, application, protection, management, and services, as well as to encourage enterprises to enhance their comprehensive capabilities and core competitiveness in IPR.

Huangpu district also continues to carry out intellectual property quality improvement projects, such as high-value patent cultivation centers, and intellectual property service workstations, to stimulate regional innovation and creativity.

From January to August, the number of patents authorized in Huangpu district was 16,918, ranking first in Guangzhou. Huangpu also led the city in terms of other core metrics, such as the number of effective invention patents owned by enterprises and the number of invention patents per 10,000 people.

In the future, Huangpu district will continue to further promote the comprehensive reform of intellectual property use and protection, build a national-level intellectual property power construction demonstration park with high standards, as well as provide strong support for building a global intellectual property highland and for promoting high-quality economic and social development.


China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City is home to a number of IPR protection institutions.

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