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Guangzhou Knowledge City to build new 180m landmark

Updated : 2022-09-02


A rendering of the Zhihui Tower project.

The Zhihui Tower, a 180-meter landmark in China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, is about to rise.

Investment and Development Corporation of China Construction Fourth Engineering Division (CCFED) and China Southwest Architecture recently won the bid for the Zhihui Tower, a high-end hotel project in Guangzhou Development District. The project boasts a total investment of 2.13 billion yuan ($309 million), with the winning bid being about 1.13 billion yuan.

Zhihui Tower is located on the north bank of Kowloon Lake of Guangzhou Knowledge City, close to Kowloon Avenue and the branch line of Metro Line 14. It is another landmark super high-rise project in the core area of Guangzhou Knowledge City. The total land area of the project is about 14,300 square meters, while the total construction area is about 134,000 sq m. The main building will consist of two super high-rise towers with a maximum building height of about 180 meters.

After the project is completed, it will form a commercial and cultural service belt around Kowloon Lake. Relying on the cooperation opportunities between Guangzhou and Macao, it will attract the headquarters of multinational enterprises to settle in it, laying a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the district.

There are many projects in Guangzhou Development District that are undergoing construction, which will contribute to the development of the district.

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