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Aviation Tire Science Center to open in Huangpu

Updated : 2022-08-17

Located in Xinlong town, Huangpu district, the Aviation Tire Exhibition Center has completed the construction of its main buildings, with several scientific researchers moving in and starting their work.

The planned total area of the center is 25,267.33 square meters, and the total construction area is 39,678.4 sq m.

The Aviation Tire Exhibition Center will jointly form the Aviation Tire Science Center with the nearby science and technology center.

After the project is completed, it will serve as a world-class aviation tire R&D and innovation base.

The exhibition center simulates the take-off, landing, and rollout tests of various types of aircraft with ultra-high acceleration to verify whether the raw materials and structural design of the tires are qualified.

In addition, the Aviation Tire Exhibition Center will build an aircraft landing gear drop shock, sway vibration test bench, and a road surface environment simulation test bench, which can simulate tires under various conditions, such as cement roads, asphalt roads, wet and slippery conditions, as well as high and low-temperature environments.

The exhibition center is expected to open in early October, providing an important test and verification platform for the R&D of aviation tires, as well as further promoting the development of the country's aviation industry.


An aerial view of Aviation Tire Exhibition Center.

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