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Huangpu debuts city's 1st hydrogen energy sanitation vehicles

Updated : 2022-08-10

Guangzhou's first batch of 24 hydrogen energy sanitation vehicles was put into operation in Huangpu district, while the New Hydrogen Refueling Station of Xinhai Energy was awarded the Guangzhou hydrogen refueling station gas operation license on Aug 8.

The operation of this batch of hydrogen energy sanitation vehicles exemplifies the innovative use of new energy in Guangzhou and Huangpu district, while also helping the city achieve the long-term goal of carbon peaking and neutrality.

This batch of vehicles will be mainly responsible for the sanitation and cleaning work of the main roads in Huangpu district, such as flushing, watering, and dust cleaning.

Hydrogen energy sanitation vehicles have obvious environmental advantages. The final production of hydrogen energy combustion is only water, which will lead to zero pollution.

Compared with pure electric sanitation vehicles, hydrogen energy sanitation vehicles can be filled with hydrogen in four to eight minutes and can operate for a long period.

They also have the advantage of high energy conversion efficiency, with the highest efficiency reaching 60 percent. They also have better temperature resistance performance, which can provide better operation in the winter.

The New Hydrogen Refueling Station of Xinhai Energy mainly provides hydrogenation services for hydrogen energy logistics vehicles and buses in Huangpu district and surrounding areas. Its designed hydrogen refueling capacity is 1 metric ton per day, which can refuel 50 heavy goods vehicles or 80 to 100 buses.

By the end of 2021, Huangpu has introduced 41 hydrogen energy enterprises, with an output value of 440 million yuan ($65 million).

In addition, Huangpu district has built seven hydrogen refueling stations, four of which are in operation, as the only administrative district in Guangzhou that has built hydrogen refueling stations. 


A station staff member helps refuel a hydrogen vehicle. 


Hydrogen energy sanitation vehicles. [Photo/Nanfang Plus]

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