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Forum held to boost Huangpu biopharmaceutical industry

Updated : 2022-07-25


Huangpu-based biopharmaceutical company Akeso.

The Guangzhou Biopharmaceutical Industry Chain Collaborative High-quality Development Exchange Event was held in Guangzhou Science City on July 23.

The event gathered experts and representatives in the field of biomedicine in Guangzhou to establish a communication platform between scientific research institutions, medical institutions, as well as enterprises, focusing on innovative medicines or medical devices and jointly promoting the high-quality development of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Huangpu district is the core area of Guangzhou's biopharmaceutical industry, with more than 3,000 biopharmaceutical companies. Up to date, its biopharmaceutical industry's revenue exceeds 170 billion yuan ($25.16 billion).

Zhang Ziran, vice-president of the China Pharmaceutical Industry Association (CPIA), said that accelerating the inclusion of innovative medicines and medical devices into medical insurance is a key link in the biopharmaceutical industry chain. 

"It is not only conducive to activating the power of innovative research and development of enterprises but also promotes the joint development of the whole industrial chain of medical research and development, as well as production and application, making it possible for innovative medicines and medical devices to be easily accessible and affordable to people," Zhang added.

In recent years, Huangpu district has been committed to combining the advantages of Guangzhou's medical resources with its own industrial foundation, promoting the biomedical industry to carry out in-depth cooperation in scientific research, clinical trials, and products, as well as other fields. 


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