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Real-name registration not required to buy 4 medicine types

Source: GZFAO | Updated : 2022-07-21

According to a notice issued by Guangdong Medical Products Administation recently, residents do not need real-name registration any more to buy four categories of medicines, including antipyretics, antitussives, antivirals, and antibiotics both online and offline during regular epidemic prevention and control. 

It is noteworthy that real-name registration is required to purchase medications containing ephedrine.

In counties, cities, districts, towns and subdistricts with local cases, retail pharmacies should re-activate the real-name registration mechanism. They should also refrain from selling medicine on the list to customers with a body temperature of 37.3℃ or higher or with a yellow/red health code, and should direct them to the nearest fever clinics or PCR testing sites instead.  

In high-and medium-risk areas, sales of such medicine should be suspended online and offline until the risk is eliminated. And registration is required in low-risk areas (i.e., areas except high-and medium-risk ones). 

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