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Guangzhou COVID-19 Update for July 9

Source: GZFAO | Updated : 2022-07-11

On July 9, Guangzhou reported 1 local confirmed case and 1 local asymptomatic case, 3 imported confirmed cases and 1 imported asymptomatic cases.

As of 24:00 July 9, 2022, a total of 6,249 positive cases have been reported in the city. These include 2,980 confirmed cases (2,022 imported cases and 958 local cases), among which, 64 cases are still being treated in hospital; and 3,269 asymptomatic cases (3,011 imported cases and 258 local cases), among which, 26 cases are still under medical observation.

Local Case and Local Asymptomatic Case Details

The patient is a 55-year-old Chinese woman who lives in Fuli Shunyi Garden, Haizhu District, and was detected in the PCR testing conducted for people under quarantine.

The asymptomatic patient is a 40-year-old Chinese man who lives in Cuicheng Garden, Haizhu District, and was detected in the PCR testing conducted for key groups.

All these patients were transferred to Guangzhou No. 8 People's Hospital for quarantine and treatment after testing positive for COVID-19 on July 9. Their conditions are stable. Identified close contacts and secondary close contacts have been quarantined. Places with exposure risks have been cordoned off and disinfected.

According to epidemiological investigation results, the following key sites have been identified:

Haizhu District:

Fuli Shunyi Garden, Cuicheng Garden, Feicuixuan Garden, Quantang Market, Jiangyan New Market, Lefeng Plaza, Changgang Subdistrict City Stop PCR testing site, Tianfu Fishing Harbor Restaurant, Hospital of Osteopathy of No.3 Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tianhe District:

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Baiyun District:

Yangwuju Lamb and Rice Soup

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