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Huangpu's Dajisha Island boasts juicy lychees

Updated : 2022-06-16


Juicy lychees.

There are thousands of lychee trees in Changling Modern Agricultural Park, Dajisha Island, and Changzhou Island in Huangpu district. In addition to lychee trees, there are also wampee trees. 

Dajisha Island is located in east Guangzhou, close to the estuary of the Pearl River. It is warm and humid all year round, while also boasting abundant rain, good soil, as well as a nice ecological environment.

Many lychees on the island are over 100 years old. Lychees are naturally colored in sufficient sunlight and accumulate sugar in the temperature difference between day and night, creating a thin skin and plump texture that has a sweet and juicy taste.


Huangpu's Dajisha Island.

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