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Huangpu shares experiences in sci-tech enterprise cultivation

Updated : 2022-06-06

The Guangzhou municipal government held a news conference on May 30 to issue policies supporting sci-tech enterprises in the next five years.

Chen Weiquan, the director of Huangpu district's bureau of science and technology, said that the district has formulated measures to promote the development of sci-tech enterprises.

Boasting 51 listed high-tech companies, more than 500 gazelle companies, and over 20 unicorn companies, Huangpu district has been exemplary in its sci-tech enterprise cultivation.

To help sci-tech enterprises grow, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, Huangpu built up a supporting system for innovation and created a friendly environment for research, said Chen.

The district has established a high-quality incubation and cultivation system for sci-tech SMEs. To date, it is home to 62 entrepreneurship bases, 113 incubators, of which 21 are national incubators, as well as seven accelerators for sci-tech enterprises.

It also encourages sci-tech SMEs to work collaboratively with national laboratories, national technological innovation centers, and high-level innovation research institutes to make breakthroughs in key and cutting-edge technologies in key areas like biomedicine, integrated circuits, and new materials, as well as smart manufacturing.

The district also provides distinct services for enterprises at different stages. It has bolstered the development of gazelle and unicorn companies with specialized preferential policies.

Huangpu has also carried out a series of policies to attract talents, enhanced its protection of intellectual property rights, as well as created many scenarios to put the latest scientific and technological achievements into practice. These efforts have ensured a good environment for innovation.


A sci-tech enterprise accelerator industrial park in Guangzhou Development District. [Photo/WeChat account: guangzhougaoxinqu] 

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