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​Implementation Measures for Customized Examination and Approval Services for Enterprise Investment and Construction Projects in Guangzhou Huangpu District (Guangzhou Development District)

Updated : 2022-06-01

Article 1 These measures (the measures) are formulated to help create a world-class business environment in Huangpu district/Guangzhou Development District and to solve the most acute bottlenecks affecting the process of project preparation and construction approval applications by enterprises. They are based on local conditions and are by the "Notice of 'Guidelines on Further Promoting the Convenience of Examination and Approval Services' Issued by the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council" (Ting Zi [2018] No 22) and other regulations.

Article 2 The "customized examination and approval service" mentioned in the measures has been innovated through the entire process of application and approval, led by corporate demand, and adjusted according to construction project realities. Technical problems that may arise during the examination and approval process and needed policy support will be considered in advance to make sure each service is tailored to each enterprise. There will be overall technical and policy support covering multiple fields, coupled with cross-department coordination.

Article 3 The measures are applicable in the following projects for which the establishment of the main preparation and approval process in Huangpu district/Guangzhou Development District is the responsibility of the district administrative examination and approval department:

(1) Investment and construction projects of key enterprises recognized by the district's development and reform, investment promotion, and other departments;

(2) Enterprise-invested construction projects with newly acquired land (including planning proposal for sale).

Article 4 Eligible enterprises can apply for customized examinations and approval services. The district administrative examination and approval department will give priority to projects that face a more complicated situation and greater difficulty applying, and that show a stronger willingness to start construction. Service agreements will be signed with enterprises.

Enterprises that enjoy customized examination and approval services should perform their duties as project construction owners by relevant laws and regulations, do a good job in organizing, coordinating, and managing the survey, design, construction, and supervision units, and also should implement relevant requirements such as quality control and safety management.

Article 5 The customized examination and approval service can provide personalized procedures and service lists in stages or by topics. There are four stages: project introduction, planning permission, construction permission, and completion acceptance, and there are multiple service topics including engineering consultation, decision-making reference, and troubleshooting.

Article 6 The customized examination and approval service will be first delivered in pilot industrial projects, and gradually expanded to cover other types of construction projects. The district administrative examination and approval department and other relevant departments will promote the implementation according to their duties and powers.

Article 7 The district administrative examination and approval department will rely on the district examination and approval service center of "small and medium-sized enterprises can do great things" to implement the customized service work mechanism, and will involve service commissioners categorized into chief service commissioners and professional service commissioners:

(1) In principle, chief service commissioners are full-time staff members assigned by the district examination and approval service center. They are responsible for coordinating the follow-up service for the whole process of the project;

(2) Professional service commissioners work on a part-time basis, with duties undertaken by key business personnel and staff of divisions (departments) responsible for examination and approval or service from all relevant functional departments, sub-districts, towns, and development parks or zones that are involved in the project application and approval process. They are appointed by each functional department, sub-district, town, and each development park or zone, and they cooperate with chief service commissioners to carry out project examination and approval services on behalf of their respective authorities.

A service commissioner list will be compiled by the district administrative examination and approval department, made public, and updated regularly.

Article 8 The custom-made examination and approval service commissioners should perform the following duties:

1. Chief service commissioners 

(1) Meet the requirements of the "liability system about the first asking or first reception" to accomplish "one thing", make good use of all kinds of policy tools beneficial to the enterprises, and provide butler-style services for them;

(2) Come up with the best-personalized examination and approval service process for projects, assist enterprises in preparing project application plans, and guide enterprises to improve and submit materials;

(3) Lead investigations to find out the most acute bottlenecks and focus points in the process of project approval, and organize provisions of technical guidance from various professions;

(4) Coordinate and carry out free services such as project topographic map measurements, construction layouts professional technical review, and joint surveying and mapping, whenever possible in just one survey;

(5) Track the approval status of each stage of the project, organize and coordinate professional service commissioners, and unite efforts to solve various problems during the approval process;

(6) Be responsible for statistics, analysis, notifications, and other work related to the customized examination and approval service.

2. Professional service commissioners

(1) Track the approval progress of the project and push it forward with the relevant department that is currently dealing with the case, and promote internal communication and coordination;

(2) Guide within the work responsibilities of the department;

(3) Take the lead in solving the approval problems involving the work responsibilities of the department;

(4) Participate in the coordinated resolution of major cross-departmental issues.

Article 9 The district administrative examination and approval department should regularly conduct training for the chief service commissioners and professional service commissioners, establish and improve the comprehensive assessment, evaluation, and incentive mechanism for service commissioners and units, implement a star rating and grading according to the service level, and give public praise accordingly.

Article 10 The whole process of the customized examination and approval service is free, and no service fee may be charged to the enterprise.

Article 11 A time-limited settlement mechanism is applied to the customized examination and approval services:

(1) The chief service commissioner should actively contact the enterprise within two working days after the project signs the customized examination and approval service agreement to understand and study the basic information of the project and other details concerning environmental protection, planning, on-site conditions, construction needs, and existing problems. The optimal personalized service list and personalized approval process guidelines should be made for the project within three working days after holding discussions and carrying out research with the enterprise.

(2) Time-limited matters agreed upon at the work meeting on customized examination and approval services should be set by relevant departments within the specified time range as required.

(3) All departments should improve the efficiency and service level of administrative examination and approval, make good use of the working mechanism of the commitment-based trust examination and approval, and promote the normalized and standardized management of the whole process of project preparation.

Article 12 An investigation mechanism to review the performance of customized examination and approval services will be set up. Enterprises' opinions will be gathered through questionnaires and interviews, and sorted out and analyzed to ensure continuous improvement of service levels.

Article 13 Information technologies should be fully utilized to generate customized service lists and personalized application and approval procedures, to realize data sharing between government departments and information exchange between the government and the enterprises. A service platform will be created to integrate policy publicity, government services, technical discussions, and interactive exchanges.

Article 14 The customized examination and approval service should be responsible for the confidentiality of the commercial secrets, technical secrets, and various types of privacy matters involved in the materials submitted by the enterprise.

Customized approval services should comply with relevant regulations and prevent and control integrity risks. Those who violate laws and disciplines shall be investigated as to whether or not their corresponding responsibilities were fulfilled in strict accordance with relevant regulations, and any violation shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to the law.

Article 15 These measures shall be implemented from the date of issuance and be valid for three years.

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