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Huangpu to build Guangzhou's 10 km golden coastline

Updated : 2022-05-23

Guangzhou's Huangpu district will be home to a 10-kilometer golden coastline near the Pearl River waterway. 

The coastline along the Pearl River is about 43 kilometers long. The 10-km waterway stretch in Huangpu is expected to include the construction of the central business district of Huangpu Port, as well as an eastern modern service center.

Last year, Huangpu proposed building an upgraded version of the Guangzhou central business district, building the Pearl River International Island, and building a 10-kilometer golden coastline in the future.

The Plan for High-Quality Development and Construction along the Pearl River in Guangzhou (Draft) was published recently, which proposed building a world-class waterfront area that will serve as a model of high-quality development with international standards and Guangzhou characteristics.

The high-quality development work along the Pearl River involves about 100 kilometers of the Pearl River waterway, mainly focusing on 75 kilometers in the central urban area, 15 kilometers in Nansha, and 10 kilometers in Zengcheng, involving the nine administrative districts of Yuexiu, Haizhu, Liwan, Tianhe, Baiyun, Huangpu, Panyu, Nansha, as well as Zengcheng.

The draft proposes that the nine administrative districts involved be represented as brand demonstration sections of the coastline.


A rendering of Yuzhu Port.


The Huangpu section of the Pearl River.

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