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Huangpu gears up for heavy rainstorm

Updated : 2022-05-12


Workers check a sewage drain to prepare for the upcoming rainstorm.

The Huangpu district is preparing for a large-scale, continuous heavy rainstorm that is expected to impact the city between May 10 and 13. 

Four working plans have been released ahead of time, and all 841 residents who may be displaced due to flooding and ponding have been relocated. 

All 26 indoor refuges are open to the public and provide ample living materials, which have a combined total capacity of 156,800 persons. 

Huangpu district has 36 disaster relief teams and 18 rescue teams with 1,403 people on duty, and large-scale equipment such as 15 assault boats, 60 rubber dinghies, and 104 pieces of drainage equipment have completed maintenance and are ready to be used at any time.

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