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Guangzhou issues 53 measures helping service industry

Updated : 2022-05-09


A busy pedestrian street in Guangzhou. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

Guangzhou released 53 measures on May 6 to help the revival of local service industries that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which are expected to benefit the catering, retail, tourism, transportation, and civil aviation industries.

Catering enterprises conducting regular nucleic acid tests for employees can receive a subsidy of more than 50 percent of their actual cost in 2022, while districts are encouraged to give out conditional financial support to help cover the actual costs incurred by these enterprises in their COVID-19 prevention and control efforts, such as disinfection.

Travel agencies meeting certain requirements can receive a refund of 100 percent of their cash deposit for service quality instead of the previous 80 percent rate.

Public transport service industries, including ferries, buses, metro lines, taxis, and coaches, are exempted from the value-added tax on services. An oil price subsidy will be available for taxis and buses, while priority will be given to funds arrangement for the application of new energy taxis and buses. 

Aviation companies meeting certain requirements are encouraged to issue corporate credit bonds and take an active part in winning financial support from higher-level government branches to support Guangzhou's civil aviation infrastructure projects, as well as the development of aviation companies and airports.

Taxpayers managing service industries related to production and living can receive a 10-percent and 15-percent discount each on input tax. A 50-percent discount is available for small-scale value-added tax (VAT) taxpayers, small enterprises with low margins, and individual businesses in paying taxes like resource tax, urban maintenance and construction tax, property tax, urban land use tax, as well as stamp tax.

Those having difficulty in paying property tax and urban land use tax can also enjoy an exemption. 

Micro and small-sized companies renting State-owned properties can get an exemption for three months of rent within the duration of their contracts, while those renting properties in districts that have been listed as high-risk areas, such as Baiyun district, can get an additional three-month rent exemption.

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